Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) WideNet teams with Advantix to provide best in class TEM/MDM   Who is Advantix?

From Advantix Web Site:

When Advantix was started, our goal was to build our business from the ground up by helping other companies build theirs. We made a conscious decision to align our services with elements that help companies become better. Our passion is progress. What’s yours?

Passion needs principle and our principles are guided by the following elements: discovery, strategy and execution in all phases of our company. Our process with our customers follows the same proven pattern through analysis, optimization and implementation.

By applying these elements to our solutions, we ensure that our passion and principles remain consistent to every service we provide. Whether it’s Mobility, Traditional Telecom or Utilities, we analyze your business expenditures, find areas of over spend and look for ways to streamline resources. The result is lower internal administrative costs, expedited support, decreased spending, and greater accountability and visibility across your organization.

It’s our why that drives our business, not the how.